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A product of the times...

It was different back then.

When Mr. H.O. Trerice founded our company back in 1923, America was a different place. We were a nation of industry. A country whose landscape was dotted with steel mills, foundries and factories. The entrepreneurial spirit of the twenties was in full swing, giving rise to a variety of new and exciting businesses. And the fledgling American automotive industry was just getting ready to take off on a fabulous joyride.

In this bustling and excitement-charged environment, Mr. Trerice saw both a need and an opportunity. The very backbone of America's industrial growth, the boiler rooms and powerhouses of her factories and foundries, needed a reliable source of accurate, durable instrumentation and controls. He was determined to become that source.

And so, the H.O. Trerice Co. was born: designing, engineering and manufacturing the reliable, high quality, steam, boiler and HVAC instrumentation and controls early industrial America would use to power her way into the future.

Yesterday America, today the world.

Times have changed. While there is certainly still "heavy" industry in America, technology is now king. The Age of Information has spawned a myriad of new industries, and serious players have only one goal in mind when they plot their marketing strategies: proliferation.

Trerice has changed, too. Just as in 1923, we remain responsive to the needs of the times. Our customers have grown, broadened the scope of their operations, and expanded all over the world.

Today, the H.O. Trerice Co. provides a full spectrum of the finest quality temperature and pressure instrumentation and controls demanded by industries the world over. Our marketplace literally is the world, and we are serving our customers every day all over the globe.

The future is under control.

Wherever used, Trerice instrumentation and controls are considered the standard for quality and dependability. Chemical plants, food processing, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical manufacturing, the list of industries that rely on Trerice goes on and on.

As we approach our centennial celebration, we pledge to our customers that we will continue to uphold the long-standing Trerice tradition of unparalleled quality and service. We will provide our customers with the next generation of measurement and controls technology. As requirements change, Trerice will respond. As problems arise, Trerice will solve them. As new applications are necessitated, and higher degrees of accuracy needed, Trerice will work to exceed the needs.

Whether it's a factory or clean room; a satellite or a space station, the Trerice name will always be present whenever and wherever accuracy and reliability are vital.

The Trerice Philosophy

Provide a broad line of top quality temperature, and pressure instrumentation and control. Deliver them to the customer in a timely fashion and at a reasonable cost. Respond to the customers needs immediately, and thoroughly.

These are the guiding thoughts behind our growth. Every Trerice employee is constantly aware of them. From sales people, engineers and assembly workers, to support staff and management.

Adhering to these basic concepts has enabled Trerice to build and develop an internationally recognized reputation for performance in service and product.