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With the Flint, Michigan water crisis (due to Lead contamination of drinking water) it's more important than ever that we understand how important Lead-Free (PBF) product is and especially how important it will be in the future. There are many companies that claim their product is Lead-Free (PBF), but what steps do they actually take to make sure it is ??

The accompanying flyer (item# 101PBF) outlines how TRERICE insures our product is not only Lead-Free (PBF), but that it also doesn't leach any other contaminants. The following are the three main components of this program:

  • All TRERICE Lead-Free (PBF) products go through a 3-Step process that ensures all of the wetted brass components are indeed Lead-Free.

  •   1.) We start with the material certification from the mill that actually produces the brass. This is probably as far as some manufactures go.

      2.) Our second step is UL® certification (per NSF/ANSI Standard 372) of our processes. This includes twice a year unannounced factory inspections, to confirm the correct materials are being used and all of the proper procedures are being followed.

      3.) The last step is having an independent 3rd party inspect our product using XFR (X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy) to measure Lead content.

  • Currently Lead is the major focus, however this is only beginning. We are already beginning to get questions about other potential containments such as copper. TRERICE has addressed this issue through a secondary UL® approval (NSF/ANSI Standard 61). This certification insures that Trerice products do not leach other contaminants. As the flyer says "More than just Lead"
  • TRERICE offers a variety of Lead-Free product across our product line, not just a select gauge or two. We also don't charge anything extra for Lead-Free gauges because we believe everyone deserves the safest, most environmentally responsible product available.