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220 Series
Standard pressure transmitters for general industrial use.
220TST Standard Pressure Transmitter

222THP High Pressure Transmitter

Ranges up to 60,000 psi

225TLP Low Pressure Transmitter

Ranges as low as -4 in H2O

227THT High Temperature Transmitter

Continuous temperatures up to 320 F

230 Series
Precision programmable transmitters provide 4 to 1 turndown as well as adjustable zero-point & span.
230TPP Programmable Precision Transmitter

235TFC Programmable Precision Transmitter

Flush Connection

236TFS Programmable Precision Transmitter

Flush Socket Connection

238TSC Programmable Precision Transmitter

Sanitary Style Connection

260 Series
Submersible level transmitters for direct immersion in tanks, basins and lakes. Precision electronics are programmable and provide 4 to 1 turndown and adjustable zero-point & span.
260TSB Submersible Level Transmitter

261TSG Submersible Level Transmitter

with Sensor Guard

Junction Box for Submersible Transmitters

LED Digital Indicator Module

I/O Instructions and Wiring Diagrams - Revised